why attend Linn Academy 2019

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Linn Academy is more than just a meeting place for the eCommerce community. You’ll find a combination of world-class Keynote speakers and knowledgeable industry influencers, ready to join you on a journey to outline the next steps for taking your business to the next level.

Each Linn Academy session promises tons of actionable tips for you to implement straight away.

We want our guests, speakers, partners and staff to network and share ideas without a sales pitch in sight.

We want you to become a Linnworks expert and will be running live demos, workshops and panels to help you maximise the way you use the system

As always, you will have access to face-to-face technical support, while also being able to speak with Linnworks developers and eCommerce experts.

What makes Linn Academy an unmissable experience?

join a passionate community

 Are you looking to meet new sellers and share ideas? LA2018 has a friendly social environment and extra long networking breaks so that you can have a chat and make connections over coffee or lunch.

Inspirational thought leaders

For those who are tired of sales pitches and useless top-level information, this year hosts the best keynote agenda ever seen at Linn Academy!  You’ll be going home with tons of notes to help elevate your business growth.

real, personal advice

Whether you work in small numbers or large, you’re human just like the experts  and power sellers at LA2018. Join our panels and meet our speakers for advice and tips on a very real, human level.

face-to-face help

Unique to Linn Academy, face-to-face help sessions remain a key focus. Book a personalised help session with a Linnworks professional, discuss apps with a developer or join a live demo to find more ways to maximise your integration system.

From the handful of online sellers who came together in 2013 to form Linn Academy, to the 800 professionals sharing their experiences in 2017, every step of the LA journey has been directed by our community. There are thousands of business professionals with the same problems, so come find some new tools and make valuable connections along the way.

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