Jeremy Miller

Founder, Sticky Branding

Why Jeremy?

One of our most popular speakers from LA2018, Jeremy is an expert in developing brand loyalty with your customers. He returns this year to host our Academy Stage agenda and share more insights specifically on building online brands.

Jeremy Miller is a Brand Strategist and the bestselling author of Sticky Branding. He helps ambitious teams grow their businesses and brands to the next level.

Jeremy comes by his expertise honestly. After watching his family’s business nearly hit rock bottom, he was forced to take a hard look at the way the company was run and at their industry as a whole. Jeremy realised it wasn’t his company's sales people or marketing processes that were failing, it was the brand. This insight caused him to regroup, revamp, and rebrand the business. Within a year, the company turned the corner and rocketed into growth mode. And in 2013 he sold the business.

It was this experience that compelled Jeremy to embark on a decade-long study of how companies grow recognisable, memorable brands — what he calls Sticky Brands.

One of Jeremy’s key discoveries from the research is everyone is creative, provided they’re given structure. Jeremy shows organisations of all sizes how to unlock the creative genius of teams to solve complex sales and marketing challenges. As an inspirational keynote speaker, his blend of humour, stories, and actionable ideas will inspire you to innovate and grow your business and brand from the inside out.
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