This year as a Linn Academy attendee, we are giving you the opportunity to join a variety of exclusive eCommerce workshops throughout the day.  

Each of these unique sessions will be hosted by a specialist in their respective field and spaces are limited to no more than 40 Premium and VIP Pass holders. You will be able to seek practical advice and ask the questions that matter to your business.

List of Workshops

10.40am - 11.10am
Tony Cooper
How to sell successfully in Germany.
11.20am - 11.50am
Roderick Yapp
Realising 1% improvements in online retail challenges.
12pm - 12.30pm
Matt Thorpe
Driving revenue through loyalty.
12.40pm - 1.10pm
Mathieu Esteban
Going cross-border, presenting the obstacles and the solutions when selling in France from the UK.
1.20pm - 1.50pm
Conor Leech
Turning your eCommerce help desk into a profit centre.
2pm - 2.30pm
Nilhan Onal
How to use the power of delivery speed and trust to grow your sales.
2.40pm - 3.10pm
Luke Batten
The future of eCommerce delivery: actionable tips on how sellers can actually achieve customer expectations.
3.20pm - 3.50pm
Stewart Oxley
Develop your business with A fulfilment partner (and still utilise Amazon).
4pm - 4.30pm
Marcus Sheridan
How today's buyer has changed and what your business must do about it.